ZETA INDIA INC.is a group of technical professionals operating in India from Bangalore represents a number of foreign principals from Europe, Japan etc. for sales and marketing of their products in India and also extends extensive support for after sales & execution of projects and supply of spare parts. The companies, we represent, are the world leaders in their own disciplines and enjoys a good market share worldwide including India.

The companies are manufacturing High Pressure Molding Lines, Vertical and Horizontal Flask less Molding Lines, Furnaces, Press Pours and Pouring Systems, Core Making & Handling facilities, Sand mixer and Casting cooling drums , Vibratory equipments and Sand coolers , Manipulators etc.

ZETA INDIA INC. offers consultancy, detailed foundry engineering, Project management and contracting services to Foundry Industries. We can assist feasibility reports and concept engineering.

We also manufacture Shot blasting machines of standard models and custom built machines for various applications.

We are having a moderate office and manufacturing plant with all facilities located in Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore. We are confident that we will be considered for providing any assurance that can help you by providing the best possible solutions whether it is upgrading the existing foundry or a new one.

  Green Sand Molding
  Core Shooters
  Core Production &
  Melting & Refining
  Coreless Melting
  Receiver Channel
  Vertical Type
  Horizontal Rotomatic
  Single Bimodal Molding
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